That is no trinket you carry

I was at the Bottom Shelf the other day when the cover of a book caught my eye.

"10 Cool Things about Being a Ring Bearer!" I thought. Now that sounds interesting. I already know a couple of Cool Things about being a Ring Bearer: the ability to become invisible, for one. A prolonged life, for another. Of course, there are the drawbacks, like being in eternal thrall to the Dark Lord. And probably having to ride fell beasts. That one is particularly unattractive to me because I'm afraid of heights. But if there really are 10 Cool Things about being a Ring Bearer, maybe those things would outweigh the drawbacks.

Some of the Cool Things mentioned are:

"A Ring Bearer gets to wear a really cool suit." I've been thinking about this one, and I can't remember any cool suit that a Ring Bearer got to wear, unless it was the mithril shirt. The only other suit I can remember is Frodo putting on orc armor, and that was revolting.

"A Ring Bearer makes new friends." Yeah, until they go mad and try to take the ring away from you.

"A Ring Bearer gets to take home favors and treats." This is true. Frodo got lembas bread and that little bottle with EƤrendil's light or whatever in it.

The rest of the Cool Things weren't really that cool. I still say the drawbacks outweigh the coolness.


Shannie said...

HAHA mom you are incredibly funny.
lol x millions

jared & megan said...

lol (ooo I have to go! I'll elaborate later. or maybe I won't. it's probably best if I don't.)

Shannie said...

if i could bear a ring, it would be this one:
drawbacks might include:
-stressing for months about a few particular hours
-financial strain on the family and all your friends
-riding fell beasts
-lots of planning, organizing, etc
i can only imagine the benefits.

Janeite42 said...

You forgot eternal thrall.