Six moths ago, I would not have cared

A short time ago I noticed an announcement on someone's blog saying they were going to be celebrating "Historical Fiction Moth". I wondered what that was. A moth that eats historical fiction books? And why would it be celebrated? My curiosity not waning, I decided to google the term, and guess what I came up with? You never will, so I'll tell you. Here:

So The Moth-Eaten Mink has gone through at least seven editions. (Or six, if you count the UK edition as being simultaneous with one of the US editions.) Now, this raises several questions in my mind.

1. Is this particular Perry Mason case really that popular?
2. What is with that lady in the second picture? Is she actually the Incredible Shrinking Woman and she's freaking out because she suddenly found herself on the cover of a Perry Mason book?
3. Can Perry Mason be considered historical fiction? Or do we have to wait a few more years?
4. Who's the target audience for these books? (That's a trick question. Or a rhetorical one. Or both. A rhetortrickal question? Rhetrickical? Trickorical ? Never mind.)
5. Why isn't there an edition of this story for the 21st-century? It could be called The Case of the Moth-Eaten Faux Fur Coat or The Case of the Moth-Eaten Trendy Wool Coat.

Anyway, I didn't find any pictures of historical fiction moths, but I did find a science fiction moth:

And a horror moth:

And a paranormal romance moth:


Megan said...

Ha! Actually the covers of the third to last and second to last books kinda weird me out. I'm also weirded out that there are so many editions. Why? Also I bet that it would be way more creepy if a moth were eating a live mink on the cover. Ew.

Also, moths are creepy. End of story. Maybe the historical fiction moth isn't, but the rest of them are.

My word verification is 'mosen'. As in, 'mosen supposen his tosen are rosen, but mosen supposen erroneously'.

eric and adrien said...

ok, so i've looked at the title of this blog maybe 3 or 4 times and i just now realized it says "moth" instead of "month." haha. i'm special.

i like the moths you have selected to represent each category...they are all a perfect fit.

Shannon said...

So if you would not have cared six moths ago, does that mean you would not have cared for the first six editions of the moth-eaten mink (which ps is bizarre), but now you DO care? also bizarre are how moths look like things that aren't moths. That's just unnatural.