You, you hang out with those people, you have lunch a lot, and, and, before you even know it attachments form.

Five authors I'd like to hang out with:

William Shakespeare

Jane Austen

Robert Louis Stevenson

Wilfred Owen

Mary Stewart

Five fictional characters I'd like to hang out with:

First is Verity Kindle, but there are no pictures of her. Alas.

Harriet Vane

Elizabeth Bennet



I know Ratty is really small and so is his boat, and I wouldn't want to crush or drown him, so I would only hang out with him if I could shrink down to the size of a water vole for the day. If that's not allowed, then I'd hang out with Mr Gumpy. I promise not to squabble.

Mr Gumpy

Five fictional places I'd like to hang out:

The park on Cherry Tree Lane

The Chathrand, as it sails all about in Alifros


Barchester (this is actually Salisbury, but Trollope
supposedly got his inspiration for Barchester from here)

Middle Earth

What about you? Literarily speaking, where or with whom would you like to hang out?


eric and adrien said...

Ooh. Good question. One place I'd like to hang out is the Great Library from the Thursday Next books because it has every book ever created. Although I'd hang out on one of the upper floors so as to be useful and not associate myself with the rabble of the bottom floors...

I'd also love to go to Narnia, and the Oxford that Lyra & co. live in. And I'd want my own daemon, who I would always hang out with because there wouldn't be another option.

I'd kind of want to be friends with the ghosts from the graveyard in The Graveyard Book, because they're so friendly and knowledgeable, except for Silas, who is actually really creepy, but he's still awesome and a great teacher and protector.

Hmm. As far as authors, I think it might be fun to meet Jasper Fforde, William Shakespeare (obv.), or C.S. Lewis.

Oh and I want to be in Harry Potter and have magic and go to Hogwarts.

The end.

Shannon said...

Hm...that's a tough question. I think I'd like to hang out with Shakespeare, Mary Stewart, JK Rowling, James Herriot, Jacques Cousteau (he totally wrote, not just other stuff, so he counts)...and I think it would be fun to hang out with Harry Potter in his world (magic!), with Tintin, with the dude in "To Say Nothing of the Dog," and some other people. As far as places, I'm not entirely sure. I feel like the places I mostly want to go exist in the real world already, but are fictionalized. But basically pretty much anywhere those characters go or those authors write about.

Gary said...


Megan said...

So I've been thinking about this for days and I can't come up with any cool, new answers. I like all the authors and characters and places you guys said, and I concur.
I can think of a few things, though...
I'd want to go to a birthday party in the hundred acre wood.
I think flying in the Leviathan would be really interesting, or being an allomancer. And even though everyone thinks Twilight is cheesy, I think it would be cool to be that kind of vampire for a little while - you know, if I could be with my vampire family and we were in the middle of nowhere and everything.
I also thought about visiting the little prince on his planet, but then I thought I'd probably be too big for his tiny planet and just have to orbit and so our conversations would be similar to Bugs Bunny's trying to talk to that mechanical racing rabbit.
And since I just finished reading Three Bags Full, I'd like to read to George's flock of sheep. I think I'd read them James Herriot books and Mary Stewart books.

Megan said...

Oh, I forgot some things.

One, Dad is weird.

Two, I think it would be hard to actually meet and talk to these authors. I can see going to a lecture where they're speaking, though. I'm just not a good conversationalist with people I don't know well.

eric and adrien said...

Hah. I love that Dad just posted "Yoda" and there isn't even any punctuation...hahaha...