A room with a view

Somebody, some blogger somewhere, was doing a "February Photo of the Day", and some people I know started doing it, and then I thought maybe I'd do it, too.  Sort of.  Since February is half over, I've decided to follow the list (there's a theme for each day's photo), but I'm doing it on my own schedule, independent of what month it is, and I'm adapting it to the scope of this blog, which is anything to do literature. 

So, the first day's theme is "your view today".

This is what I see pretty much five days a week, when I come through the door at the Bottom Shelf.  The Bottom Shelf is a bookstore operated by the Friends of the Fallbrook Library.  All proceeds go to the support of the library and its programs.  It's a splendid bookstore because a very generous community donates their used books, which are then bought at bargain prices by a very generous community.  And then it starts all over again:  donating, buying, donating, buying, donating, buying.  Sometimes you find treasures here, sometimes you find junk.  I love this place.


Shannon said...

okay, I just posted a comment but I don't know if it went through because I don't see it...
I also love this bookstore. I have very fond memories of being here from when I was a little kid up until a few months ago ("Here" being what you see AND the pre-remodel "here")

Jared and Megan said...

I second Shannon's thoughts.

Ohhh I really should go get Rylie to preschool, hold on just a min.

Okay now it's afternoon, jk.

Also, I like the lights in the new store. I didn't notice them before, for some reason.