Eyes open, eyes closed

When you think of literary connections to Washington Square, you generally think of Henry James.  At least, I do.  I can't help it, since he went and named one of his books Washington Square.  But that's not why I wanted to see the place for myself.  Once again, Edna St Vincent Millay was my inspiration.  Her poem "English Sparrows" is another favorite of mine (you can read it here), and that was the main reason I had the desire to go to Washington Square while we were in New York City.

As we walked along, and as I was telling Shannon the plot of James' book, we saw an evil-looking squirrel staring at us from under a tree just off the path.  I wonder what Millay would have made of that.  There is poetic inspiration everywhere.


Shannon said...

A walk in the Park
A filming student
A sunny day
A tired dad
And then we had
A hot dog
But first there came
A plotting squirrel
A narrowed eye
A shiny tooth
A twitching tail

Adrien said...

Creepy plotting squirrels are everywhere and therefore the stuff of legends. Someone should write a long poem (an epic perhaps?) about one before IT'S TOO LATE

Janeite42 said...

Shannon! Your excellent poem seems like but the first stanza. (Call you 'em stanzas?) "A twitching tail..." but then what happened? It should be of epic length, like Adrien says.

Shannon said...

Before it's TOO LATE? Do you know something we don't, Adrien? Like that evil squirrels are plotting to take over the human race and/or replace or whole language system so writing an epic on squirrels would become impossible?
And if thou givest me 4000 stanzas' worth of typing space (and a lot of money), then I will write you an epic on creepy plotting squirrels.