I'm glad I ain't scared to be lazy

I had so many plans to write during the last two months, but nothing came of it.  November 13 was Robert Louis Stevenson's birthday -- not much happened around here in way of celebration.  December 1 was Take Your Child to a Bookstore Day.  I didn't.

But I've vowed to turn over a new leaf.  (Book pun intended.)  I'm so ambitious that I'm making my New Year's resolutions almost a month in advance!  That way, I can also get a head start on not keeping them.  But before the goal-oriented lassitude overtakes me, I hope to accomplish a few things.

First, here's a review of the different authors I met and got books signed by during 2012.  (I think this might be showing off, but I'm too lazy to care.)

 Brandon Mull

 Brandon Sanderson

 Christopher Paolini

 Dan Wells

 Gail Carriger

 George R R Martin

 Jim Butcher

 Kate DiCamillo

 Kevin Henkes

 Lisa See

 Lois Lowry

 Max Brooks

 Orson Scott Card

 Raymond Feist

 Robin Hobb

 Scott Westerfeld

T Jefferson Parker

I also got a book signed by Mark Danielewski, but for some reason I didn't get a photo.

Next time:  Something else!


Shannon said...

wow, look at you! brag on, macduff. you should have writer-meeting bingo or something.

Adrien said...

You are totes a BranSanFan.