Celebrity is as celebrity does

A few days ago, January 29, was the 200th anniversary of the day Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice was published.  Naturally, being a bit slow, I didn't find out about it till January 30, and it has taken me till now to formulate a plan of celebration.  Although I feel a little bit bad about it, I guess it's not a great oversight to miss the 29th because, with such a big deal as the publication of Pride and Prejudice, there are bound to be celebrations throughout the year.  At least, there will be at my house.  Probably.

Some people have a lot of time and money to put a great deal into their celebrations, like making period outfits to wear to dances, watching every Jane Austen film adaptation ever, and reading all six novels plus the juvenilia and unfinished books; and some of them do that every year, regardless of what anniversary it happens to be.  And then there are those who are constrained to narrow their focus as they honor one of the greatest novels ever written.  For that reason, I have come up with two lists of various ideas for celebrating throughout the year:  one for if you have time, and another for if you don't so much.

How to celebrate the long-term way:

 Read Pride and Prejudice

Watch the 5-hour miniseries of Pride and Prejudice from 1995

  Brighten your eyes with exercise
Make your own costume and wear it to a Regency-themed ball

Take a trip to Bath

If you are in a hurry:

Read the Pride and Prejudice Board Book

  Watch the 2-hour movie of Pride and Prejudice from 2005 on fast-forward

Brighten your eyes with Visine

Make your bed and lie in it 

Take a bath

I'm sure there are many other ways to celebrate Jane Austen and the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice.  What is your own opinion?


Jared and Megan said...

Haha visine. And I want that board book!

As for other ways to celebrate, you could include being quietly amused by silly or odd people, making food based on the things they ate then (cold ham, pork, and salads, and every good thing - such as an inn's larder affords) or sitting around playing cards or reading or painting tables or doing screens and embroidery.... Spending time with your sisters, if you can. Telling bossy women that they are wholly unconnected with you and your business is not theirs... Hmm what else? Oh, telling your bosom friends that they may call you by your Christian name. I can't think of anything else, but you had some very good ideas. I would love to take a walk and have my eyes brightened by the exercise.

Shannon said...

Hahaha this is great. I was wondering why a picture of visine was showing up in the preview on my reader...

I think I will celebrate by thinking about the board book and contemplating watching the 2005 version (maybe in FF). I will brighten my eyes by looking at the sun.

Jared and Megan said...

Oh and I totally forgot about my new P&P shirt, which I wear with some frequency. For example, I wore it today. It's long and stretchy. I'm hoping I don't stretch it out too much but if I do I can take it in later on. :)