The journey is the treasure

So, apparently it is Children’s Book Week.  And not only that, but it is the 94th annual Children’s Book Week.  Where was I?  How is it that I did not become aware of Children’s Book Week until the week is nearly over, let alone CBW's first century?  Well, that won’t happen again.

To commemorate Children’s Book Week, and because I just finished watching a documentary on author Lloyd Alexander, I am highlighting three classic children’s book series that I believe every child should read, even if they are no longer children.    These are books that were published when I was a child but that I somehow missed out on.  I finally did read them when I was in my twenties, but again, where was I?  Where was I  ten or fifteen years earlier when these books were all the bestselling rage and winning awards and amassing young admirers?  I was an avid reader even as a child, so I have no explanation for how I overlooked these titles.  I almost feel ashamed, but I think I’ll blame my teachers and school librarians instead.

The Chronicles of Prydain, by Lloyd Alexander

The Chronicles of Narnia, by C S Lewis

A Wrinkle in Time (and the whole Time Trilogy consisting of five books), 
by Madeleine L'Engle.  I have not yet ceased to be amazed that I missed this one as a child.


Adrien said...

I've never heard of the first series actually. I should look into it. Also I think it's time to read A Wrinkle in Time again - it has been many winters since the last time I read it.

Shannon said...

I've been thinking te same thing as Adrien about Wrinkle in Time-- in fact it's on the short list of books Sam and I are going to read together next (he has never read it). I've also never heard of the Perdain one though. And--confession time, though I think you already know this-- somehow all I've read of Narnia is part of Dawn Treader. And that needs to be remedied.