That wasn't a leaf. That was page one.

Resolutions are hard to keep, especially if you don't really believe there's a purpose behind making them. Nevertheless, here I am.

Here's a review of the authors I got books signed by during 2012.  Not as many as in previous years, but that's partly because I moved.

 Brandon Sanderson at the Memory of Light release party, 
BYU Bookstore, 8 January

 Connie Willis at ConDor, 9 March

 Terry Brooks at Mysterious Galaxy bookstore, 23 March

 Brandon Sanderson at Phoenix Comicon, 22 May

Cherie Priest at Phoenix Comicon, 23 May

Terry Brooks at Phoenix Comicon, 23 May

Timothy Zahn and Michael Stackpole at Phoenix Comicon, 24 May

Frank Beddor at Phoenix Comicon, 24 May

Brandon Sanderson at Barnes and Noble bookstore, 24 September

James P Blaylock at World Fantasy Convention, 1 November

Tim Powers at World Fantasy Convention, 1 November

Tad Williams at World Fantasy Convention, 1 November

I also got a couple of books signed by Patrick Rothfuss at the WFC, but I couldn't get a picture of him because he was aswarm with fans.  Also, I'm a little disappointed at the poor quality of the WFC pictures.  My camera was on the wrong setting, and I didn't realize it until too late.

I was very excited to meet these authors and get books signed by them, but I think the one that meant the most to me was having James P Blaylock sign my collection of Langdon St Ives books.  The World Fantasy Convention was in Brighton, UK, and I hauled a suitcase full of 30+ pounds of books all the way there.  During the signing, Blaylock asked where I was from and I said, "California".

He said, "You schlepped all these books from California?!"

"I did," I said.  But what I wanted to say was, "Brother, you don't know the half of it."

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