Do they say that? Do they say "Author?"

The best and worst part about being a book dealer -- for me, anyway -- is meeting authors.  I really enjoy going to author events and listening to them tell about how they got started or what if anything inspired a certain plot or character, but actually getting the books signed really takes me way out of my comfort zone.  Nevertheless, the rewards, both personal and book-related, make it worth it.

I went to a number of signings in the last six months or so.  These photos will give you an idea of the variety of authors I was able to meet.  (I apologize for the blurriness of some of the photos; the lighting wasn't always the best.)

  A couple of illustrator-authors:  Chris Van Allsburg 
answering questions from the audience...

  ...and Brian Selznick, giving an interesting and 
humorous powerpoint presentation on Wonder Struck

F Paul Wilson (he writes the Repairman Jack novels)

Geraldine Brooks discusses Caleb's Crossing

 Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson (Barry and Pearson were very nice; 
they shook hands with everyone who went through the signing line)

 Kevin J Anderson and Brian Herbert with a non-Dune book

 Neal Stephenson signs Reamde

L E Modesitt signs any number of books

 Victor Villaseñor - very dte, as my kids would say.  
He gave everyone in the signing line a hug.

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Shannon said...

wow! you've seen tons in the past little while! I'm pleased to say I was there for the Peter Pan one :D
also, I'm glad the last author was so DTE. I like it when people are real.