I hate to do this, but I guess I'll have to...

Day 19:  Something you hate to do

I don't hate much, but one thing I hate to do is see what careless people have done to their books.  I've seen books come into the store that have been gnawed on by insects, cats, dogs, and children; that have pages missing and covers missing; that have been used as doorstops, chew toys, notepads, coasters, picnic plates, and blotters.  The other day a couple of books about ancient Greek art and architecture came into the store that would have been lovely and a welcome addition to our stock, except for the dirt and stains left by someone's leaf and flower collection, not to mention the collection itself.

All this came out of two books

PS  I just had a thought:  not that I believe books should continue to be used in the preparation of botanical specimens, but I'd like to see someone try and press a leaf collection using an e-reader.

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