You have some very large shoes to fill.

Day 23:  Your shoes

Two things:

1.  I've been watching a lot of reruns of High Chaparral lately.  The reason for doing so involves a long story; I can summarize my reasons by saying I'm watching mostly because I like the character of Victoria.  She's just about the only female character in a relationship with a main character in a 1960s western tv series (except possibly Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke) who didn't die after an episode or two.  But there's one thing that bothers me about her character: her outfits.  In season 1 her whole mode of dress looked wrong, except for maybe her traveling outfit and her riding outfit.  In season 2 (where I am now), the dresses have improved, but her shoes haven't.  She's always wearing flats, like little house shoes, even when she travels.  I really think she should be wearing boots like these (except in a way smaller size) when she's traipsing around in the Arizona desert.

2.  In an episode last night, Victoria's brother, Manolito, told a bad guy to take off his boots.  He said it in Spanish, though.  The word for "boots" is "botas", which sounds like "boats", which my boots are as big as.

PS  Obligatory lit ref:  Steampunk

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Shannon said...

I like these! I want some.